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In 2020, LaCara faced a devastating tragedy—the death of her first daughter, Kailani. Amidst the profound pain, LaCara embarked on a personal journey of healing and growth, discovering a deep-seated passion for providing solace and support to others navigating life following the death of their baby. Now, her unwavering mission is to shed light on the often-overlooked world of baby loss. She walks alongside women with empathy and understanding. She offers them a compassionate space to carry the weight of their grief.

"Grief is a lifetime of healing. The ultimate destination is when we embrace both sorrow and happiness in our lives. "

- LaCara Biddles

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A Warm Welcome

Your presence here fills my heart with immense blessings of gratitude. If you are a fellow loss parent, please know that I hold you close in my thoughts and send you abundant love and unwavering strength.

Embracing our grief unlocks the gateways to rediscovering hope and creating a balance between sorrow and joy. By interweaving wellness into every facet of our lives, we strengthen our capacity to unearth purpose and embrace joy amid the intricate journey of grief.

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Join me on IG as I share about life, loss, and my journey to rebuilding confidence following baby loss. 

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Welcome, I'm LaCara

To my fellow loss parents:

You are not alone. Together we carry the pain of baby loss and keep their memory alive.