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In 2020, LaCara experienced the death of her first born daughter, Kailani. Following Kailani’s death, LaCara learned that through embracing her grief, she would evolve and develop a passion for helping others through baby loss. Now, her mission is to spread awareness on baby loss and walk alongside other women to help them carry the weight of their grief.

"The healing journey through grief is to embrace both sorrow and happiness within our lives. "

- LaCara Biddles

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Hello, I'm



I am so incredibly blessed and grateful that you are here. If you are a fellow loss mom or parent, please know that my heart is with you and I am sending so much love and strength. 

I truly believe that by embracing grief, we reopen the doors to happiness, hope, and a life of balance. By incorporating health into all aspects of our life, we can continue to find purpose and joy to push forward with our grief. 

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