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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

Together, we illuminate the path of healing, cultivate a future of hope, and celebrate the unwavering spirit of loss moms like you.

Anger. Fear. Sorrow. Anguish. Guilt.

I know these feelings well.

When my daughter died, a part of me died alongside her. 

In the depths of my grief, I felt an indescribable loneliness and pain engulf me as a whole. 

The death of a baby leaves you shattered and irreversibly transforms the essence of who you once were. As a result, you experience an irrevocable shift in your existence as the life you know has ended.

Enveloped by overwhelming grief, you may find yourself plunged into the depths of depression, secluded in anguish, haunted by anxiety, consumed by fear, utterly shattered, and burdened by guilt.

To amplify that pain, society has these taboos and stigmas around pregnancy and infant loss, further isolating you from others and discouraging you from speaking out about your pain. It can feel as though all hope has vanished.

I see you. I understand your grief and pain, for I have travelled this desolate path. The death of my daughter changed me to the core and I share in detail about my experience in my book, Heavenly Seas

Though I want to share that amidst the darkness, there exists another facet of grief. There is a path that leads us forward, offering opportunities to experience:

  • Moments of joy
  • A renewed sense of optimism
  • Inner peace
  • Confidence
  • Restored balance
  • New found hope


Hope, though fragile, still flickers, and together we can navigate the labyrinth of sorrow, emerging on the other side, where healing and solace await.

You are not alone

How do you live in a world without your baby?

You carry them with you.

Embracing your grief, and ultimately life, is a profound way to honour the memory of your baby. As you continue to live and breathe, you carry your baby’s memory forward. You assume the precious legacy they have bestowed upon you.

There will never be a day you don’t think about your baby. Some days will be more challenging than others. Though by integrating grief into your life, you can cultivate a future with hope and happiness and I am here to help support you in achieving this. 

Coaching sessions Offer you

Opportunity to:

Support Sessions

These sessions are perfect if you prefer one on one support.

When you work with me, you allow yourself to engage in a transformative experience that provides invaluable support and guidance through your grief journey. 
You receive personalized emotional support from a coach who profoundly understands your grief and pain. Working with me provides a safe and compassionate space where you can openly express your emotions, thoughts, and concerns without judgment. Through active listening and compassionate guidance, I, as your coach, will help you navigate the complex emotional terrain of grief. 
Grief is not a one size fits all experience. What you experience and how you experience grief is deeply personal. Together we will identify and develop personalized strategies to help you carry your grief and support your wellness. Uncovering and building strategies that work for you can help empower you to embrace your emotions and lead you on a healing path. 
Grief can disrupt every aspect of your life, leaving you unsure of how to move forward. As your grief coach, I will help you navigate the practical challenges that arise during this process and support you in setting goals that will assist you in moving forward and carrying your grief. 
By attending one-on-one sessions, you enter into a collaborative journey that empowers you to navigate grief’s challenges, find solace, and ultimately rebuild your life with newfound strength and purpose.

Journey to
Wholeness & Renewal

Single Coaching Sessions
$ 149
90 Minute Session
  • Designed to guide you through the intricate journey of grief, supporting you in finding a path forward where both sorrow and happiness coexist harmoniously.
  • Single 1:1 Sessions via Zoom or telephone
  • 60 & 90 Minute Options Available

Growth & Guidance

Monthly Bundle
$ 499
  • This program is crafted to empower you with the momentum needed for healing, setting you on a transformative path toward achieving your long-term goals.
  • One 15 Minute emergency call (15 minutes)
  • Weekday Voxer Support
  • Four 1:1 60 Minute Sessions

Illuminated Healing

6 Month Bundle
$ 4999
Single Purchase
  • This six-month program is designed to instill a sense of hope, confidence, and excitement as you embrace the life you are living and move toward achieving your long-term goals.
  • Twelve 1:1 60 Minute Sessions
  • Five 15 Minute Emergency Sessions
  • Weekday Voxer Support
  • Guided Reflection Journal
  • Copy of Heavenly Seas

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Please note that as much as this call is about LaCara getting to know you, it is also for you to get to know her. She wants to ensure that she is the best fit to meet your needs and help you in your grief journey. 

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Welcome, I'm LaCara

To my fellow loss parents:

You are not alone. Together we carry the pain of baby loss and keep their memory alive.