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One of the best ways improve our ability to face adversity and hardship in life is by ensuring we do everything we can to support our health and wellness. 

Investing in your health is the fastest and best way to live a life of wealth and happiness

Is Life

Changing Your Water

Changes Your Life

Did you know that more than 60% of our body is made up of water? 

Not only that, but our bodies require water to function because it is a major component to our body parts and their make up. 

Even though our bodies are largely made up of water, studies have found that the majority of our population remains dehydrated.

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What does that mean? 

A lack of water to our body’s system can result in a long list of symptoms including tiredness, low energy, brain fog, headaches, constipation, dry skin and so much more. Of course, the level of which a person is dehydrated will determine what kind of symptoms are present and the severity of them. Not only that, long term water deficits can lead to health and wellness challenges long-term. 

You would think that by drinking water, this would solve this problem, am I right?

Seems like an easy fix, correct? 

Just drink more water. Though it is not that simple. 

Fact: Not all water is created equally

There are significant differences between water and their sources: 

Yes, it is important to be replenishing our bodies with water, though it is important that we are drinking the right kind of water that is supportive to our health and wellness. This device, does that and so much more!          

3 Things

You Need to Know About Water

1 in 0

people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water

300 Litres

is the average water use of an American each day

70 %

of diseases in developing countries are water related


I own a K8 water machine, an anespa shower spa unit and the Tumeric Ukon supplements. 

I seriously can’t image my life without these products. First of all I’ve become a major water snob and can’t even stomach regular tap water as the K8 produces such fresh amazing tasting water that is actually beneficial to my health not chalked full of chemicals. 

I use my machine to create all kinds of water to use around the house for cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining my good health. The anespa is fantastic and I actually just purchased a second unit so I could have one for my sons’ bathroom and my own. That spa unit has been a game changer for my youngest’s dry skin and wow does it make my hair so silky and soft. My husband also loves it because it makes his tattoos more vibrant! Who would have thought! 

Lastly I’m obsessed with my Ukon both in the pill and tea form as it gives me so much energy and I always notice my knee pain returns when I’m not consistently taking it. Yes these products are an investment but they’re so worth it and I truly trust the company, customer care and incredible products they create.” 

– Carly E.   

Buy Your Machine Today!

Get More

From Your water

Drinking Water

Optimize your health by drinking electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water and eliminate bottled water.

food Prep & Cooking

Pamper your garden and the food you grow by giving the plants and soil the best water to support their growth. Remove pesticides and improve the overall flavour of the foods you love.


Tone and firm skin while also giving your hair that radiant shine and glow that you love.

Greener Home

Eliminate harsh chemicals and other materials that can impact not only your health and wellness, but also your pet, children, and other loved ones.

What kind of water are you


Unfortunately for many Northern Americans and others around the world, the water that comes from your tap might not best support your health and wellness. 

I didn’t realize how contaminated water from various sources could truly be. So much so, that it could have negative impacts on my health by consuming it. That is, until I met my now husband who specializes in this area. 

Did you know that according to the Environmental Working Group, there have been over 315 different pollutants found in America’s tap water. Over 50% of these pollutants are unregulated, meaning that their presence is not acknowledged or identified as a concern. 

When I discovered this, my immediate thought was, “I drink bottled water, so I am good.”  However, bottled water is not necessarily healthier. In fact, many companies have added a variety of minerals to “clean” the water, which have no proven health benefits. A study by the Natural Resources Defence Council revealed that approximately 1/3 of bottled water contains levels of contamination which exceed allowable limits. 

So you know that list of minerals listed on the bottles? Many of those are not the naturally occurring minerals from the water source, though were added. 

Those aren’t necessarily helping your body or your health… 

The good news, there is a solution. A solution that eliminates water contaminates that can contribute to health and wellness challenges such as chlorine, metal ions, nitrates, fluoride, lead, and others.  

Though its so much more. 

Not only is there a solution to ensuring the water we consume is of highest quality, this water device has been recognized for medical uses and produces 5 different types of water. 

These different water types allow you to: 

  • Disinfects 
  • Remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables
  • Remove stains from clothing and dishes
  • Tones and Firms skin 
  • Clean wounds

And so much more. 

Because of the different water types that this device creates, that means monthly savings in the following areas:

  • Cleaning products
  • Beauty products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare and First Aid
  • Pets

For a family of 2 adults, 1 child and 1 pet, this could equal a savings of greater than $250 per month. That is over $3000 per year. 

What would you do with an extra $3000 every year? 

  • Family Vacation? 
  • Pay off some debt?
  • Household Renos? 
  • Shopping Spree?

The possibilities are endless. But don’t let this opportunity pass you buy. 

Changing Your Water

Can Change Your Life

Want to learn more about how this water can make your home greener and save you money? 

Ready to purchase your medical grade water system? 



Imagine a device that can analyze and detect imbalances in your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Albert Einstein knew that this was the future of medicine and once said that “Future Medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” 

The beautiful thing.. the future is today and we no longer have to imagine. 

This frequency device is manufactured in Germany and is commonly used by doctors and practitioners around the world. More than that, it is now available for individuals to purchase and use on a day-to-day basis as part of everyday living! 

LaCara holding a healing device
How it Works

All of our tissues, organs, muscles, and thought patterns have their own unique electromagnetic fields (AKA energy). All things have energy, which means all things have a frequency. There is a specific frequency level, or energy level for which our bodies operate. 

Science has revealed that when our frequency levels drop, we are more susceptible to disease and imbalances throughout our body. The result is acute and chronic health and wellness challenges. 

Amazingly, this device can identify areas in our bodies where we need to increase the frequency to help restore, rebalance, and realign our systems. 

How can this help you?

This device offers harmonization in a variety of health and wellness areas:

Not only can this device help you, it can be used to help others in your family including your kids and your pets! 

Disclaimer note: This device is best used in conjunction with other health and wellness methods. This device is not meant to be used as a means to diagnose, treat, or cure health and wellness conditions. Additionally, this device is not to be treated as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified medical professional. 

This Device Has Changed My Life!

“I’ve had my Healy almost 12 months now and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for ALL of my adult life. After only using my Healy daily for 2-3 weeks I noticed the pain, which was constant, had gone from a 5 to a 1. I used to have monthly or bimonthly chiropractic appointments and after just over 1 month using my device I cancelled my appointments. Since then I’ve had 2 flare ups which I was able to get on top of in 24-48 hours, where in the past I’d be down and out for weeks with multiple appointments at the chiropractor or myotherapist. This device has changed my life!”


This Thing is Awesome

“Out of no where I started getting really bad foot pain. After months of barely making it through the day on my feet, I discovered it was planter fasciitis. After running the connective tissue program two nights in a row, the pain was virtually gone. Any time I have a flare up now, I hook up the device and run a quick program. I was a skeptic at first but this thing is awesome.”


My Quality of Life Has Improved So Much

“My junior year of college I ended up getting a head injury resulting in chronic post concussion syndrome with intractable migraines, meaning nothing would take the pain away. For years I tried everything. I went to every type of doctor you can think of, I went to a a neurologist who tried injecting nerve blocks, botox, I tried multiple medications that all had awful side effects. For the last 7 years I just had to deal with the pain which varied in degree and never was able to take on a normal 9-5 job after graduating because it was so bad. The only thing to ever touch my pain was this frequency therapy device. My quality of life has improved so much because I can simply run a program and decrease the pain. My mind is clearer, I’m happier, and I even have completely pain free days now which never use to happen.”


The Health & Wellness



Using all naturally derived, organic and plant-based ingredients that are safe for you and everyone in your family.


Drastically minimizing waste by using naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients.

Effective & Affordable

Scientists test all formulas as they aim to provide natural, safer, and more effective innovative solutions at affordable costs.

Member Benefits

Members receive 30-50% discounts on all products.

Feel confident in the products you are using for yourself and for your family. 

Membership Benefits

By joining the membership, you say goodbye to these toxic and harmful toxins:

The wellness shop provides you with products that give back to the environment, while also supporting the health and wellness of everyone around you. 

For less than $20 per year, you are provided with a monthly membership-based shopping experiences that grants you access to over 400 wellness products at a discount of 30-50%. 

Plus, they are shipped directly to your door! 

We Will Be Customers for LIFE!

“Seeing red spots and rashes all over your newborn baby is never a good experience! (Insert panic😱) I found out very early in my sons life that he had extremely sensitive skin and that we needed to be more aware of the products that we were using on him and around him. Of course as a mother, I had no issue making this adjustment as I would do anything for my baby! But where I began to get frustrated was that the more natural options that could be used on my sons skin and in his laundry cost me a fortune! His clothes still smelled. They would actually still have stains. Now insert a year ago when we found Melaleuca. I am so thankful that I found them when I did as this is the first scented laundry detergent I have been able to use on my sons clothes that doesn’t break him out in a rash. They also have the most amazing body wash with oatmeal that is super calming and soothing for his skin. And their lotion and natural bug spray and mineral sunscreen have been a lifesaver for us in the summer and winter months. But the real kicker for me… the price for the quality. I am literally saving hundreds of dollars by shopping here. Needless to say we will be customers for LIFE!”


Natural products

Replace harmful products by discovering

Natural Products

for your:

  • Medicine Cabinet 
  • Bath and Body
  • Nutrition
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Household 

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